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01. Mar 13

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Chinese hackers purported to have attacked U.S. ga...

Hackers linked to China’s military have allegedly hacked into at least two-dozen U.S. natural gas pipeline operations. The report suggests the intelligence gathered could later be used to sabotage n...

18. Dec 12

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Fighting cancer with 3D printed drugs by VR-Zone.c...

If there is one technology with the potential to make radical changes to our society it would have to be 3D printing, and nowhere will we see a more apparent effect of this change than in the drug man...

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Scientists develop mind-controlled robotic arm by ...

Scientists have developed a robotic arm that can be fully controlled by the mind, with research showing promising results for a woman paralysed from the neck down.

13. Dec 12

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Julian Assange runs for Australian senate under ne...

Julian Assange, better known as the founder of the controversial ‘’ whistleblower website, is running for a Senate position in Australia.

06. Dec 12

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US Navy has to combat over 110,000 cyber attacks e...

It's no surprise that US military gets hit by a lot of cyber attacks but a recent report from the US Navy pegs that number at 110,000 attacks every hour, or 30 attacks every second of the day

03. Dec 12

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Crysis 3 PC requirements released by

Crytek has just released the minimum, recommended and high-end system requirements for the upcoming shooter Crysis 3

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Intel's NUC in Interactive Displays by

Nobody has cracked teleportation or world peace yet but advertising-oriented digital signages and interactive displays have certainly invaded every facet of our lives. With its small and versatile for...

30. Nov 12

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US and EU oppose Russian proposal to tax the inter...

The United States and European Union have revealed that they will oppose a proposal by Russia to tax the internet and make it easier to track people online.

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Konami confirms Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversa...

Konami puts all the rumors of a Xbox version of MGS4 to rest, officially confirming that the game is launching only on PlayStation 3.

28. Nov 12

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Executive in charge of iOS 6 Maps fired by Apple S...

According to a report by Bloomsberg, Richard Williamson, the executive in charge of Apple's largely disdained Map application, has been fired.


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